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How’s your plumbing system performing? This probably isn’t a question you think about very much. After all, most of your plumbing system is hidden from view, underneath sinks, and behind drywall. Unless something very drastic goes wrong-like a burst pipe or severely backed up drains-you may not think much of your plumbing. But whether it’s for repair, installations for your bathroom plumbing or kitchen plumbing, or plumbing maintenance, it’s a great idea to have a trustworthy local plumber to call. And that is where Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. comes in! 

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Plumbing Repair

Do you know how to detect when you need plumbing repair? Unless water is dramatically gushing out from beneath a sink or through a hole in your ceiling, then the signs are usually pretty subtle. If you hear the sound of running water even though no plumbing appliances or faucets are on, then you might have a leak that requires repair. The same can be said if you feel any warm or cold spots on your floor, indicating a potential slab leak. Lastly, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your water bills-if they’re higher than average it’s time to call us for an inspection and repair. 

Drain and Sewer

The drain and sewer portion of your Buffalo Grove, IL plumbing system is potentially one of the most important parts of the system. It effectively and hygienically diverts wastewater out and away from your property. When a drain or sewer line gets clogged up, it can cause major problems for your home’s functionality. Fortunately, we have all the services you need to prevent and resolve these kinds of problems, including flood control and storm drainage solutions. 

Drain Cleaning

Have you ever heard of hydro-jetting? If not, you’ve probably heard of a drain snake. A drain snake is a tool that plumbers have used for years to relieve pipes of basic clogs. Hydro-jetting takes this a step further. Set up kind of like a drain snake, a hydro jet tool has an omnidirectional head on the end of a cord that scours away anything that could be blocking up your drain, drain system, or even sewer line. This even includes tree roots! Let us take care of all your drain cleaning needs!

Sewer Lining/Relining

While sewer lines are very sturdy, and protected by the nature of their installation, deep underground, it is possible that age and corrosion can lead to damage. Historically, when this has happened to Buffalo Grove, IL homeowners, it’s required their entire yard to be dug up, landscaping disrupted, and days of work to replace the pipe. But not anymore! With trenchless technology, our plumbers can effectively and quickly conduct sewer lining or sewer relining. 

Water Heaters

When it comes time for you to shop for water heaters, or have your current water heater repaired, do you have a trusted plumbing contractor to call? Well, you can rely on Reliance! We provide installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs for all types of water heaters, including conventional tank water heaters, tankless systems, and even hybrid systems that combine the two. Got questions? We’ve got your answers! 

Commercial Plumbing

If you think residential plumbing systems in Buffalo Grove, IL are complex, then you should see a commercial plumbing system! Especially if that system supports a restaurant or foodservice company. At Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. we provide comprehensive plumbing services including commercial garbage disposal installation and repairs, commercial water heater services, services for frozen pipes, and grease trap services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out-as business owners ourselves, we understand the unique plumbing needs you face!

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